Stephanie's Arm Story

My name is Stephanie, I'm 37 years old. The story of how I got hurt is actually very boring; I was at work, I lifted a large/heavy box, spun it around to scan a barcode and when my wrist hit it's outside rotation I heard and felt a large POP! The pain was immediate. By the time 30 minutes had gone by I was in tears. I went to an Emergency Clinic, the Doctor there was very worried as my arm from the elbow down was Ice Cold to the touch! She kept checking for a pulse in my fingers (there was one), she tried rubbing the arm and even a heating pad but it would not warm up. The arm did start to warm up 8 hours later and when it did came pain and a buzzing feeling,she thought I must have injured a tendon and it was pinching a nerve. Then came x-rays ,nothing broken, she called a specialist at the hospital and they got me an 4 weeks! She put me in a half cast and let me go. The Specialist had me go for a MRI, once he got that back he sent me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. She wanted to try immobilizing my arm completely for 6 weeks and put me in a Bledsoe brace! That was adding insult to injury considering my wrist hurt. OK six weeks later she decides to start rehabilitation therapy, weights etc. Needless to say that went downhill fast. Oh-I had originally hurt myself Dec 23rd of 2003. I went to my wrist surgery on May 18th 2004, she thought I night have a tear. When I woke from surgery she told me it was "in-operable" the popping sound I had heard was my TFCC exploding, there was nothing but "scraps", so she removed all of it and wrapped me up.ANOTHER six weeks later we started rehab luck..on it went. Then we moved and I had to find another surgeon. This guy is great! No more waiting. On January 27th 2005 I had the shortening done. I'm hoping this will be the solution, I'll keep updating as I heal. Good Luck to everyone else in my shoes. I hope this helps someone else feel better. For along time I felt like my old Doctor thought I was crazy and making it up and people who dont live with pain everyday do not understand what we go through. My family (Husband and 2 boys 15 &6 yrs) seemed angry for a long time because I couldn't do everything anymore. Eventually they came around , they are trying. I guess that's one good thing about surgery - it was when they got a reminder I WAS hurt. Thanks Again for letting me sound off. ~ Stephanie

Post Arthroscopy Stitches Removed
Bledsoe Brace Xray with Plate
After Shortening 2 Weeks Post-Op Stitches Out
4 Weeks Post-Op Plate and Screws

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