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Michael B. Nelson has been in the Offshore and Asset Protection Planning area of international law since 1976, with offices in London, Beijing, Monaco and California.

Michael Nelson is a seasoned tax law Professor at US and China Universities, as well as a major academic writer for international publications.

It is our commitment to provide tax and offshore advice that is of the highest caliber and to develop a relationship to assist you in accomplishing your tax objectives, legally, and to protect your assets that have taken you a lifetime to accumulate. It is our pleasure to represent you and we look forward to being of service to you.

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“We are devoted to providing legal and accounting services of the highest caliber, second to no one.

Our approach to Asset Protection and Wealth Transfers utilizes the “attorney and client privileged communications” yielding a highly confidential and private level of professional legal representation.

Our commitment to building long term business relationships, and efficiency through international legislation and the protection of current technology helps us assure clientele of the stellar level of representation and reliance.”

- Michael B. Nelson, Attorney and Counselor at Law.