Ryan's Legg Perthes Story

Hello Tim,

My name is Ryan, and I, too, have Leggs-Calve Perthes Disease, and although my story is not quite like yours, I have somewhat been in a similar situation. When I was about Four or Five, my parents noticed a limp in my gait, as well as me complaining about my hip, and they took me to the Shriner's Children's Hospital in Kentucky, where I was diagnosed. My mother had feared that I was going to need a cast and a wheelchair, but that day never came. Instead, I was beginning to heal; Slowly, but I was healing. After that first year, we always came back for a yearly check-up, to determine my progress, abilities, and the general physical state of my body. Well, since they had seen improvement, my dad had inquired as to what sports I could possibly play, since all my friends were going out for them. They had cleared me able to do Soccer, with plenty of watching and inquiring about my leg, and I was joyed to hear this news. I ended up playing community league soccer for for years, and after that fourth year of soccer, my dad inquired about community football, and they gave me the green light again. I played football for three years, and though I did have times where my hip and leg seemed to really affect me, I 'played through the pain' and finished the game or practice, only to take some ibuprofen during, or after the game or practice. After that, I played for five years in my high school's marching band, marching all kinds of percussion equipment, and my leg and hip rarely pained me. Although I did have my small orthotic lift with me, since my right leg was shorter than my left, I have to say, it helped me out tremendously.

I just thought that maybe you could share this with your page, or tell parents with children that have Leggs-Calve Perthes to try and let their children go out for some low-impact sports, such as soccer. I believe that doing all of these sports, with doctor's approval and caution while playing, had helped to keep me in shape, as well as exercise my leg, which possibly helped it form correctly and grow correctly. I am now nearing my 20th birthday and in College with a job, and still wear my lift in all of my shoes. I hope this was an interesting read for you, at least, and maybe it can help others in overcoming this disease.

Regards, Ryan W.

This one is during my first three years of Highschool.

This is a recent one of me at college playing Hacky-sack; Great therapy for stretching and exercising the hipjoints and legs.

My Senior year of Highschool.